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how about a re rerelease of "Flood invasion"? with all the new types of joints it would be pretty cool.

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Daisy-023 would be an excellent choice to make, IMO. You've already made the Exosuit from Legends, why not continue and add Daisy?

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Will there other be anymore ODST sets in the future? With halo infinite I feel infinite possibilities for the ODSTs like the marine sniper and gun goose gambit

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Idea: since we’re getting the falcon set soon with all the main characters from Reach, I’d quite like if there is a set of all of the O.D.S.D. Members in something like a tower or a veicle like a razorback or something like a dropship. That would be a awesome set. With Buck,Dare,the Rookie,Romeo,Mickey and Dutch.

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I was very happy to see the Forward Unto Dawn display set get revealed recently. I hope it does well so similar sets are made of other large ships in the Halo Universe. Here are my suggestions for similar sets that I would love to see get made. I tried to do a named ship per game if possible. Each set has one logical figure, but could include other figures if needed or wanted:

-UNSC Spirit of Fire from Halo Wars 1 & 2
Figure: Captain Cutter
Other Figure Ideas: Ellen Anders, Sgt. Forge, Serina, Isabel, Red Team

-Ardent Prayer from Halo Reach (Covenant SDV-Class Heavy Corvette)
Figure: Jorge
Other Figure Ideas: Noble Six

-UNSC Pillar of Autumn from Halo CE
Figure: Captain Keyes
Other Figure Ideas: Cortana, CE Sgt. Johnson, MkV Master Chief

-Truth and Reconciliation from Halo CE (Covenant CCS Class Battlecruiser)
Figure: Flood Captain Keyes.
Other Figure Ideas: MkV Master Chief, Chips Dubbo

-Cairo Station from Halo 2
Figure: Lord Hood
Other Figure Ideas: MkVI Master Chief (Halo 2), Sgt. Johnson (Halo 2), Cortana

-Shadow of Intent from Halo 2 & 3 (Covenant CAS-Class Assault Carrier - Kerel Pattern)
Figure: R'Tas Vadum
Other Figure Ideas: Arbiter

-Anodyne Spirit from Halo 2 & 3 (Forerunner Keyship)
Figure: Prophet of Truth (All three Prophets would be cool though. It would sell like hot cakes in that case.)
Other Figure Ideas: Prophet of Mercy, Prophet of Regret, Tartarus, Elite Honor Guards, Brute Honor Guards, MkVI Master Chief

-Mantle's Approach from Halo 4
Figure: Didact
Other Figure Ideas: MkVI Master Chief (Halo 4)

-Guardian from Halo 5
Figure: Cortana
Other Figure Ideas: Fire Team Osiris

-UNSC Infinity from Halo 4, 5, & Infinite
Figure: Captain Lasky
Other Figure Ideas: Commander Palmer, Roland, Halsey

-Warship Gbraakon from Halo Infinite
Figure: Hologram Escharum
Other Figure Ideas: Escharum

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Some other set ideas:

1. Banished and/or Covenant Wraith
2. UNSC Bumblebee
3. Beam Emitter Tower from Halo CE with Johnson and Marine Survivors
4. Type-26B Banshee (Halo Reach)
5. Cougar
6. Wolverine
7. Cobra
8. Banished and/or Covenant Lich
9. Blisterback
10. Arctic and Desert Sets

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